Music Theory 1 Guitar Course – Tonic, Keys, Root Notes – Lesson 10

Music Theory 1 Guitar Course Lesson 10 – Tonic, Keys, Root Notes
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Music Theory 1 Guitar Course:
Music Theory 1 is a guitar lesson course for anyone brand new to music theory. It’s designed to give you a good overview of the basic building blocks for understanding music and music theory. In this course we’ll touch on many topics getting you ready to dive in deep in the next music theory courses. All of the video lessons are free on YouTube, but to really accelerate your learning, download the Music Theory 1 Workbook and eGuide (see below for details).

Music Theory 1 Workbook:
The Music Theory 1 Workbook corresponds with the “Music Theory 1” video course (video course is free on YouTube). It’s designed to accelerate your learning by giving you step-by-step instructions to follow so you can best retain the information in the videos. Each lesson contains questions for you to answer which are based on the information in the corresponding video lesson. Along with the Workbook you’ll also receive the Music Theory 1 Workbook Answer Key. The Answer Key contains all of the answers to the questions in the workbook which you can use to check the accuracy of your answers.

Music Theory 1 eGuide:
The Music Theory 1 eGuide contains all the necessary charts and diagrams presented in each lesson. It also contains all of the practice instructions for each lesson.

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This is Lesson 10 from our guitar course “Music Theory 1”. In this lesson you’re going to learn about three really important terms in music; Tonic, keys and root notes. You’ll learn how the Tonic relates to scales (or chords but we’ll talk about that in another lesson), how keys relate to songs, and how root notes relate to chords.

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