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Learn a trick to find all the B E A and D Notes on the Guitar Fretboard
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“Memorize Guitar Notes”

This is lesson 10 in our new series “How to Memorize Guitar Notes”. In this series you will learn many tips and tricks to memorize all the notes on the guitar’s fretboard. Memorizing the notes on the guitar is a crucial step in developing as a guitarist.

To start at the beginning of the Memorize Guitar Notes series:

*Lesson 1: How the Musical Alphabet works
*Lesson 2: Names and Numbers of Open Strings
*Lesson 3: Notes in Alphabetical Order
*Lesson 4: Layout of the Guitar Fretboard
*Lesson 5: How to use Octave Shapes to find Guitar Notes on the Fretboard
*Lesson 6: Learn about Unison Note Shapes
*Lesson 7: How to find the Natural Notes on the Guitar Fretboard
*Lesson 8: How to find the Sharps and Flats on the Guitar Fretboard
*Lesson 9: How to find all the G A and B notes on the Guitar Fretboard
*Lesson 10: How to find all the B E A and D notes on the Guitar Fretboard

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