McPherson Guitars 4.5XPH Acoustic Guitar Demo (Hybrid Flamed Redwood, Brazilian Rosewood)

The 4.5XPH from McPherson is a stunningly beautiful sounding and gorgeous looking guitar. The Flamed Redwood top is a perfect match for the Brazilian back and sides, both aesthetically and tonally. The bold, complex tone sustain and overtones will impress guitar enthusiast of all kind. This guitar is just as much a work of fine art as it is a tone monster! Generally considered the best tonewood for steel stringed instruments; Brazilian Rosewood is a highly prized choice for back and sides. Endangered and becoming very rare, Brazilian Rosewood has everything other rosewoods have to offer and more. A rich powerful sound full of overtones and depth. McPherson doesn’t make many of these, so be sure to talk to a Sound Pure Guitar Department Representative today. 919.682.5552 or 888.528.9703.


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