How to make a replica of Billie Joe Armstrong’s “Blue” guitar in minutes

All I did was print out a glossy full sized copy of Billie Joe Armstrong’s iconic “Blue” guitar which is a Fernandes Strat copy in daphne blue and has a vintage “skunk stripe” maple neck and what I notice most the angled humbucker similar to what Eddie Van Halen did on his Strats. The screenshot was taken from Premier Guitar’s Rig Rundown video on Green Day’s gear with their techs. I happen to own a Fender American Elite HSS Stratocaster in ocean turquoise with white pearloid pickguard, and though it is not daphne blue I actually like my own guitar’s look more than the one I was trying to replicate. I also like the other inaccurate features of my guitar like the S1 switching, blower switch, locking tuners, deeper body contours and sloping neck heel as opposed to the square neck heel of a traditional Strat. I use a red Ernie Ball strap and the stock Fender strap locks. I played my Strat through a Kemper profiling amp. I do not know how to use it very well as my younger brother is letting me borrow it. The amp then goes into a Hartke acoustic combo amp because this Kemper model cannot power a speaker cabinet. I used an HP printer and HP glossy photo paper for this project.


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