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My Left Handed Guitar Lesson 1

My left handed guitar teacher Mike Corbin (that also teaches right handed) is running down todays 1st lesson, and also showed me the basic keys to play Michael...


Left Handed. How to play the ‘E’ minor guitar chord, Em

Left Handed Em How to play the E minor chord and resolve issues with the ‘Em’ guitar chord. This is a very clear, simple explanation of how to play the Am...


How to Play Left Handed Guitar : How to Play a G Chord on a Left Handed Guitar

Learn tips on how to properly play a G chord on a left handed guitar with expert music training tips in this free online instrument instruction video clip. Expert:...


Lefty Guitar Conversion Part 5, Setup and Completion

This is part 5 of my Lefty Guitar Conversion. I go through the setup process and get this guitar ready to play. I adjusted the truss rod, the string height and...


PRS Custom 24 Electric Guitar – Jerry’s Lefty Guitars

This is the PRS Custom 24 Left Handed Electric Guitar. I am playing into a Heritage Tube amplifier and the overdrive is thanks to a Timmy Overdrive Pedal. Read my review...


Playing a right handed guitar left handed for the lulz!

Hahahahahaha! I know I am not very good doing it left handed, I’ll stick to playing right handed, my natural handness, I tuned it to Drop D to make it easier! But...


How To Play Happy Birthday On Right Or Left Handed Acoustic Guitar EEMusicLIVE Lesson

Everyday is somebody’s birthday! Happy Birthday is easy and a lot of fun to play. See it played on right and left hand acoustic guitar. Eric Blackmon shows you...


Playing left handed on a right hand strung guitar



How To Turn A Left-Handed Guitar Into A Right-Handed Guitar

Enjoy! This is a simple modification! Like my Facebook page! Follow me on instagram! @joesvintageguitars source


Ovation Left Handed Guitar