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…some shredding over pedaltone Eb tuning e-flat standard… (0:00) Eb-harmonic minor (0:07) Eb-phrygian (B-major) (0:16) Eb-aeolian (G-major) (0:19)...


Modes on Guitar – What Are The Names of the Modes?

What Are Modes On Guitar? What Are The Names of the Modes? Those Weird Mode Names! One of the things that makes modes so confusing to so many guitar players . So what...


Soloing Secrets The Dorian Mode explained for rock blues jazz guitar lesson this lesson is from this course Head Turning Licks & Jams. Check out the digital download version here – we...


Harmonic Minor Metal – Phrygian Dominant Metal – Diminished Metal Guitar Lesson – Modes In Motion #5

Harmonic Minor Metal – Phrygian Dominant Metal – Diminished Metal – Guitar Lesson – Modes In Motion #5. http://WWW.LUCIENNOCELLI.COM...


Guitar Modes De-Mystified

What ARE Modes and how do they relate to the guitar? That’s what we’re talking about today. First off – a mode is part of the scale, or rather, it IS a...


Learn to Play Minor Modal Chord Progressions – Rhythm Guitar Lesson on Modes

Click in the link below to GET the Tabs! In another lesson David discussed and demonstrated major...


Parallel Modes: Ionian and Mixolydian Guitar Lesson. How to Use them Together

Whether you hear “Samson and Delilah” By GD, or Blue Grass, Country, or Rock. This lesson is pretty universal. Hope you enjoy learning how to spice up your 1...


Guitar Lessons – Music Theory – Modes – Sweep Arpeggios – For Blues Rock Soul Jazz

Theory DVD’s source


Music Theory for Guitar – Major Scale Modes (Ionian)

An in-depth look at the Ionian Mode (the first mode of the Major Scale) FREE eGuide! “Music Theory for Guitar”


Guitar Lesson: Marty Friedman – Same shape, different mode

Get Total Guitar for print, iOS devices, Google Play and more: In his first lesson, Marty Friedman shows you how to make the most of a few...