Autumn Leaves – Yenne Lee plays 2004 Pepe Romero Jr.

Guitar: 2004 Pepe Romero Jr. ( Here’s Yenne Lee with her arrangement of the Joseph Kosma standard Autumn Leaves. She’s playing a...


Shocking Blue – Venus – Guitar Lesson

Guitar lesson on how to play the 1970 hit song Venus by “Shocking Blue”. This guitar tutorial covers in detail the chords and lead solo. source


All Of Me – Gypsy Jazz Style Guitar

Tabs at Me improvising on the famous jazz standard “All of me” in a gypsy jazz style FOLLOW ME ON:...


How People Try Out Electric Guitars

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[Lossless Audio] – The Best of Acoustic Guitar – Audiophile Music Collection 2018 – NBR Music

[Lossless Audio] – The Best of Acoustic Guitar – Audiophile Music Collection 2018 – NBR Music [Lossless Audio] – The Best of Acoustic Guitar...


My Left Handed Guitar Lesson 1

My left handed guitar teacher Mike Corbin (that also teaches right handed) is running down todays 1st lesson, and also showed me the basic keys to play Michael...


MUSIC THEORY: Better Understanding of Guitar Scales

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What Is a Chord? | Violin Lessons

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Breedlove Brazilian Concert 25th Anniversary Acoustic-Electric Guitar

For more info: This guitar was played out of the box with...


Modes on Guitar – What Are The Names of the Modes?

What Are Modes On Guitar? What Are The Names of the Modes? Those Weird Mode Names! One of the things that makes modes so confusing to so many guitar players . So what...